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A good wife makes a good husband.

My dear our maid is absent today. Yes I am going to kitchen.

Submitted by: liaqath on March 27, 2016

Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.
– Walter Winchell

You are more precious than diamonds to me. You have not just a husband but a companion and the best person that I have found in this world. I love you beyond what words can express.
– Jake Distill

My husband has made me laugh. Wiped my tears. Hugged me tight. Watched me succeed. Seen me fail. Cheered me on. Kept me going strong. My husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever.

I love my husband too much to let some witchy woman ruin the good thing we have.

Nothing says “home” like the arms of my husband.


My husband is one of my greatest blessings from God. His love is a gift that I open every day.

You see me at my absolute worst, and you love me anyways. Thank you.

Love gets a whole new meaning with you in my life. I love you to bits dear husband.

A sure sign of a man’s strength is how gently he loves his wife.

Husband is the HEAD of the family and wife is the NECK that turns the head around!!

Submitted by: payal on August 9, 2013

Husbands are like fine wine. They take time to mature.
– Letters to Juliet, the movie.

Submitted by: brooklynne on June 23, 2013

Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband!

Submitted by: Prady on January 22, 2013

A husband is someone who after taking the trash out gives the impression he’s cleaned the whole house!

Submitted by: lynelle on November 1, 2011

There are two sides in a marriage, one who is always right and the other is called…..the husband.

Submitted by: shirley on September 5, 2011

My husband wears the pants in my house… The ones I pick.

Submitted by: Danielle on August 5, 2011

Don’t stop dating your WIFE and never stop flirting with your HUSBAND.

Submitted by: AJ on April 14, 2010

A husband’s last words should always be “OK, buy it”.

A jealous husband does not doubt his wife, but himself.

My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.
Winston Churchill

One never realizes how different a husband and wife can be until they begin to pack for a trip.
Erma Bombeck

Me and my wife are happy. At least when we are not together.
Jarod Kintz

Let husband and wife never speak to one another in loud tones,unless the house is on fire.
– David O. McKay

Being a husband is for me as big a priority as being a father.
– Roger Federer


I really take pride in the relationship that I have with my husband.
– Julie Benz

I’m being a dad and a good husband.
– Chad Smith

I don’t understand boys – just ask my husband.
– Arabella Weir

A husband without faults is a dangerous observer.
– George Savile

My life really began when I married my husband.
– Nancy Reagan

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