Knowing Yourself Quotes and Sayings

How can I be the body? It dissolves to dust. And a mind that is invisible, I cannot trust. Who am I?

In order to grow, we need to know ourselves. To understand what triggers certain behavior, we need to identify the root cause.
Adiela Akoo

The narrower the identity you choose for yourself, the more everything will seem to threaten you. For that reason, define yourself in the simplest and broadest terms possible.
Mark Manson

The greatest wisdom consists in knowing one’s own follies.
– Madeleine De Souvre Sable

We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.
Alan Watts

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.
Alan Watts

We are unable to realize who we are because the mind wanders and the senses desire and thus, we continue to be who we are not.

I would rather remember even if sometimes it can be very painful.
– Giovanni Morassutti

The best teacher is self-reflection.
Shane Parrish

Man thinks he knows the minds of others when he hardly knows his own.

The more you study, the more you know; how less you know.
Imran Khan

When you ignore your gift, you runaway from your purpose.
Turcois Ominek

Greatness comes from within, you first have to tame the voice in your head to conquer the world.

In the stillness and quietness within and around us, brings a greater force of awareness of ourselves as to who we are, where we are, and our destiny by use of pleasant and hopeful thoughts.

You can be pretty sure you are wrong, when you’re absolutely sure you are right.

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.
– Andre Gide

Today is the day to break free from the prison of the person you know yourself to be and step into a self you have yet to know. Will it be comfortable? No, but do it anyway.
– Debbie Ford

It’s not to much fun to know yourself too well or think you do – everyone needs a little conceit to carry them through & past the falls.
Marilyn Monroe

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.
– Thales

If you spend the first 30 years of your life only trying to look good, you’re not going to know yourself very well. If you got it, flaunt it.
– Ariel Pink

The tricky thing becomes: Do you know yourself well enough to then portray that on screen? And for me, I find that really hard. I’d rather hide behind accents and funny walks.
– Joel Edgerton

I don’t think anybody should get married before they’re 30. You’re too young to really know yourself.
– Jeremy London

To become a good cook is to know yourself, and I, at this point, know myself. I know myself, and I know the cook I want to be and the cook I am striving to be.
– Marcus Samuelsson

To be a great artist, you need to know yourself as best as you possibly can. I live my life and delve into my own psyche. It’s more about exploring how I feel rather than making pale imitations of something that came before. We are unique beings, and the way we look at things is our own.

Do not know yourself. I want to continue to surprise me.
– Arielle Dombasle

I do want to work on writing, because writing’s a skill. Writing is something that you can train yourself to know better. To know yourself better. And it’s intimidating as hell.
– Kristen Stewart

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.
– Toni Collette

You never know yourself till you know more than your body.
– Thomas Traherne

There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know your business, know your men.
– Lee Iacocca

Sometimes, taking a job is like going to a shrink or something, where you get to know yourself better.
– Leelee Sobieski

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