Love Quotes and Sayings

Ok I have a couple;
**somewhere there’s someone
who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence
that life is worth while,
so when you are lonley,
remember its true:
somewhere is thinking of you…
**i get the best feeling in the world when you say hi, or even smile because I know, even if it’s just for a second, I crossed your mind…

Submitted by: amy on August 7, 2007

They say Disney world is the happiest place on earth, obviously they haven’t been in your arms.

Submitted by: ray jay on December 3, 2008

Even though I am only 11 years old I really like these and I think love is something that might not take forever to feel but takes for ever to say. I love this website a lot.

Submitted by: Autumn Davis on September 10, 2007

LOVE is the reason why I still live in this crazy world!!!!

Submitted by: ' ' 'baby marz on September 11, 2007

If a rose represents love, then why does it always die?

Submitted by: Briana on October 4, 2007

One night the Moon Said to Me…
“if he makes you cry, why don’t you leave him?”
I paused for a while, then looked back & said…
“Moon, would you ever leave your sky?”

Submitted by: S[a]Orii on November 9, 2007

A girl asked a boy if she was pretty and the boy said no. She then asked if he wanted to be with her forever and he said no. Finally, she asked him if he would cry if she walked away and again he replied no. The girl had heard enough and she went to leave. The boy grabbed her arm and said “You are not pretty, you are beautiful. I do not want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And if you walked away I would not cry, I’d die

Submitted by: L M N on February 23, 2008

Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin and spin? Well, that’s what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going.

Submitted by: Ho Su on August 10, 2007

If love isn’t a game then why are there so many players???

Submitted by: Marissa(aka_bunz) on July 23, 2007

A heart is not a plaything, a heart is not a toy, but if you want it broken, just give it to a boy.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was my choice.

God made mud, God made dirt, God made boys so girls could flirt.

Good girls don’t lie, bad girls don’t cry, dumb girls need “air”, naughty girls need underwear, sweet girls aren’t mean, funny girls make a scene, perfect girls have all the class, mean girls will kick your a**, smart girls will excel, gossip girls will tell, popular girls get all the boys, little girls play with toys, normal girls are nothing new, so which one applies to you?

Wanted: one boy that will make my dreams come true, one boy that will love me no matter what I do, someone I can hug, that won’t break my heart, who will know how to treat me right from the start, if you can fulfill my wishes, please let me know.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not arrogant, my ideas are just better then yours!

God made coke, God made pepsi, God made me super sexi!

If you want me to fall for you, you have to give me something worth tripping over.

Submitted by: ~**:.:.:cutie pi:.:.:**~ on August 9, 2007

Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.

Submitted by: kelci on July 28, 2007

I walked up the wall, closed the stairs, said my Pajamas and put on my Prays turned on the bed and hopped into the light all because you kissed me goodnight..

Submitted by: Sasha on July 12, 2007

I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand, but the water washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

Submitted by: punkin on November 7, 2007

Once upon a time, something happened to me,
it was the sweetest thing, that could ever be,
a fantasy, a dream come true, it was the day that I met you

Submitted by: *no-namer* baby! on August 9, 2007

Whats MINNIE without MICKEY?, whats TIGGER without POOH?, whats SPONGEBOB

Submitted by: BEC on August 11, 2007

MSN sayin-
We were giving everything in twos.. Eyes, ears, but why only one heart? Because someone was giving the other one to find.

Submitted by: Jadyn on July 18, 2007

“I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust…

Submitted by: Michelle G on October 2, 2007

Never say you love me unless you mean it cos I might do some thing crazy like believe it!

Submitted by: Keersten on October 9, 2007

Truth: tell me you love me
Dare: prove it

Submitted by: Sammy on December 1, 2007

Girl:who do you like?
boy:it is a secret
girl:you can tell me
boy:ok it starts with a y and ends with u

Submitted by: lover on December 7, 2007

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars!
Don’t live for the ones you can live with but live for the ones you can’t live with out!!

Submitted by: paula on July 4, 2007

Here’s a couple for ya
I’d give a thousand tomorrows for just one yesterday!
this is 1 of mine- how do you speak so much yet say so little wen 3 words can mean everything

Submitted by: scotty-B0I!!! on August 4, 2007

It hurts to love you the way I do. Then look at you, and realize how much you don’t care

Submitted by: emely on November 29, 2007

My heart skips a beat everytime I see you, but my heart completely stopped when I saw you…with her!

Submitted by: Jessikaa on December 4, 2007

K I just found some really good ones!!
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers??
Gravity… Always gets me down
Im the type of girl: who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.
Its funny how you can be in the same school with someone for 5 years and never truly know them
Play with fire…no matter what your mommy says ITS FUN!!!
If you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they’re supposed to be there.
When people don’t laugh at our jokes I don’t think of it as a “you had to be there” thing but more like a “you have to be mentally retarded like us” thing.
Sometimes when I say “oh I’m fine” I want someone to look me in the eyes & say “tell the truth”
A girl doesnt want to hear that shes hott…
she wants to hear that she is beautiful
im not *random* I just have many *thoughts*
you’ll never see the stars if ur always looking down…….
ok well thats all I have time to post!!

Submitted by: **Meg** on August 30, 2007

My love for you is a journey, starting at forever, ending at never.
If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.
Someone told me that life isnt perfect then I thought about you and realized yeah life is far from perfect but having you makes it a lot damn closer.

Submitted by: tnt on November 28, 2007

People who say “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” never felt a broken heart

Submitted by: James on October 9, 2007

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then will you realize how special you are to me.

Submitted by: xXxAnonymousxXx on November 28, 2007

Love is a strong word so if you don’t mean it then don’t say it!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: ashley on December 20, 2007

When you don’t know whether you really like someone a lot or you love them, ask yourself why do you love this person, and if you can’t find an answer, that’s true love because then its never ending no matter what changes about this person you will always love them. Know that whatever happens he’ll always be there for you. That’s what happened to me I realized I never truly knew why I love a person and I figured out that it’s because it’s true and sincere which means it can never break no matter what that person does to you.

Submitted by: No Matter What Ill Always Love You on October 10, 2007

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