Math Quotes, Sayings about Mathematics

Math is a king of all sciences and all mathematicians are the kings of all scientists.

Submitted by: lordrick on July 6, 2012

It doesn’t matter if you hate it or not, but you use it everyday.

Submitted by: Kelvin on July 4, 2012

Without science everything would be nothing.

Submitted by: Kelvin on July 4, 2012

Mathematics is our basic education; that is our life.

Submitted by: kuku on June 24, 2012

Math is just simply following rules. The simple and complicated one. Just obey every details of it.

Submitted by: Erniel S. Boyose on June 18, 2012

Maths: ?????? can’t find your x. She’s probably with another guy now.

Submitted by: immortal on March 2, 2012

Everything in this world is mathematics.

Submitted by: Hazer S. Bantugan on January 24, 2012

Without mathematics all subjects are handicapped.

Submitted by: suraj korgaonkar on October 29, 2011

Math is a science of reasoning.

Submitted by: abhishek ballia on October 24, 2011

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.

Submitted by: Rodney Malongo on October 18, 2011

Mathematics is the heart of all the subjects.

Submitted by: norbuwangdi on August 23, 2011

Simply multiply both sides by zero and you get LHS = RHS keep it simple silly !!

Submitted by: krishan on August 21, 2011

Intelligence is knowing Pi to nine decimal places. Wisdom is knowing Pi to nine decimal places means nothing.

Submitted by: Nefarious on May 21, 2011

Pi goes on.

Submitted by: Keianna on May 20, 2011

Multiplication is not always greater than addition,1×1=1 but 1+1=2

Submitted by: nometz on January 23, 2011

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