Missing You Quotes and Sayings

I loved him too much but one day he went silent. I called him and texted him but he never responded back. I still love him so much till now he will forever be in my heart.

Submitted by: pain

Sometimes I just wish you were here, so I could tell you how much I need you and how hard everyday has been without you.

Submitted by: Navin-Francis Ek'Ka

I miss your voice,
I miss your smile,
I miss your smell,
I miss your hug,
I miss your jokes,
I miss how you made me feel,
I miss your everything.

Submitted by: Navin-Francis Ek'Ka

I never had experience a love before you came into my life.
And I never had experienced missing someone before you left me.

Submitted by: Mickey K Gonzalez

Please come back to me. I miss you so much. Wherever you are I love you. All my life I’ve waited. To see your smile again. In my mind I hated. Not able to let go.
– Marion Meadows


I miss your kiss and I miss your touch, I dont know why I love you so much, To see your smile and touch your face, to be back in your arms where I felt so safe, I need you now, like I needed you then its too painful I just cant be your friend, please come back to me, and you will see that you and I are meant to be.

This rain makes me miss you even more.

Missing you endlessly. Knowing well that possibility of seeing you is zero. Still trying to feel happy & connected by standing under the sky and thinking at least we share the same roof.

Submitted by: Laz

I traced back my steps
But untraceable is you.

Submitted by: Beeza

You don’t realize how much you’ll miss that person,
You actually lose them.

Submitted by: Rachel F.

Every day you are away from me is a day closer to when we will meet again.

Submitted by: Nana Rus

We will never agree on whose fault it was that pull our marriage down into the gallows of divorce. But at least we can agree on the fact that we both still miss each other in remorse. I miss you.

Even if I want to, I will never forget all the pain you gave me. Even if I don’t want to, I will always remember the fond memories. I miss you.

We were perfect, but we just weren’t perfect for each other. I miss you.

First I loved you, now I respect you. First I adored you, now I admire you. First I cared for you, now I think of you. Through all of this, I have missed you.

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