Quotes and Sayings about Morality

Consult your conscience; rather than popular opinion.
Publilius Syrus

Morality is a matter of money. Poor people cannot afford to have morals. So they have religion.
Khushwant Singh

I have a hard time with morals. All I know is what feels right, what’s more important to me is being honest about who you are. Morals I get a little hung up on.
Brad Pitt

Nothing makes it easier to resist temptation than a proper bringing-up, a sound set of values – and witnesses.
Franklin P. Jones

That which is selfish is immoral, and that which is unselfish is moral.
Swami Vivekananda

There is always something right in something that is wrong and something wrong in something that is right.

There is nothing right and wrong until anyone defines it.

Do good for others it will come back in unexpected way.

I have yet to meet a man as fond of high moral conduct as he is of outward appearances

I have my ethics and morals. I have my anchor point of what is right and wrong in real life, but I’m not afraid to entertain any and every aspect of personality in relationship to creating a character.
– Corin Nemec

Ethics are not necessarily to do with being law-abiding. I am very interested in the moral path, doing the right thing.
– Kate Atkinson

I’d rather be right than President.
– Henry Clay

To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.
– Confucious

Don’t worry so much about your self-esteem. Worry more about your character. Integrity is its own reward.
– Laura Schlessinger

Integrity is the essence of everything successful.
– R. Buckminster Fuller

If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
Mark Twain

Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right; decide on what you think is right and stick to it.
George Eliot

To starve to death is a small thing, but to lose one’s integrity is a great one.
– Chinese proverb

I do not believe in immortality of the individual, and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it.
Albert Einstein

A people and their religion must be judged by social standards based on social ethics. No other standard would have any meaning if religion is held to be a necessary good for the well-being of the people.
– B. R. Ambedkar

The greatest tragedy in mankind’s entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.
– Arthur C. Clarke

The rules of morality are not the conclusion of our reason.
– David Hume

Morality is only moral when it is voluntary.
– Lincoln Steffens

Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.
– Alexis de Tocqueville

Morality is not just any old topic in psychology but close to our conception of the meaning of life. Moral goodness is what gives each of us the sense that we are worthy human beings.
– Steven Pinker

Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness.
– Immanuel Kant

Ordinary morality is innate in my view.
– Christopher Hitchens

Every man, in his own opinion, forms an exception to the ordinary rules of morality.
– William Hazlitt

Morality is the custom of one’s country and the current feeling of one’s peers.
Samuel Butler

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