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Everybody likes a compliment.
– Abraham Lincoln

A compliment is verbal sunshine
– Robert Orben

I value compliments from girls more than from guys…I think they are more genuine.

It takes a million compliments to build you up, but one insult to send it all crashing down.

Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.
– Joyce Meyer

When someone compliments my hair: ‘Thanks! I grew it myself.

Too many people are living for compliments, instead of living for accomplishments.
– Ronald Oliver

Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise, and nothing is more lame than a cookie-cutter compliment.
– Bill Walsh

There are many that will be jealous of your independence and your strength, but when someone compliments you on what a wonderful job you are doing, accept it with an open heart. You truly deserve all the appreciation, so take it with the best of smiles.

For example, saying thank you, or offering other words of appreciation, along with sincere compliments and other grateful or kind words are the best way to fortify relationships.
– Chris Johnston


You can receive all the compliments in the world, but that won’t do a thing unless you believe it yourself.
– Criss Jami

To make a man perfectly happy tell him he works too hard, that he spends too much money, that he is misunderstood or that he is different; none of this is necessarily complimentary, but it will flatter him infinitely more that merely telling him that he is brilliant, or noble, or wise, or good.

Nothing is so silly as the expression of a man who is being complimented.
– André Gide

When you cannot get a compliment in any other way pay yourself one.
– Mark Twain

Women are never disarmed by compliments; men always are.
– Oscar Wilde

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