A break up

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Out of sight out of mind
what a load of crap
because even when im not thinking about you
im thinking about you
and i know how crazy that sounds
but that’s how messed up in the head he has left me
he was the sane in my insanity
so the thought of us being over never occurred to me

why is it that after a break up
your ex is on your mind more then he ever was
i mean i was doin fine
until i started flipping through channels
and stumbled across one of your favorite movies
that you thought liked too,
i didn’t
i was just willing to watch anything to be close to you

hell i almost made it through today without
thinking about you
but then it happened
a memory of you triggered by a
a moment we shared
one midnight summer night
you know what im talking about right
remember when we almost got caught
how excited you were
and how i excited i was not
yeah thats the spot..
that memory fadded
just as fast as you did
out of my life
pulling a disappearing act.
i guess today wasn’t the day to get you off my mind

so you see even when I’m not thinking about you
I’m thinking about you
out of sight out of mind
what a load of crap
i starred at your face so long when we were together
that it burned your image into my mind
so that if i one day grew blind i could
still see you
your image has been painted into the lining of my stomach
i was so full on you
he was the little boy into my Hiroshima and the fat man into
my Nagasaki
you should see the mark
left on my heart
from your blast

if its true what they say that body language speaks volumes
then i hope that this extended single finger that i stretch out to you
and all men like you
tells you more of how i feel about you then i could ever scream to you…

This post was submitted by ashley franklin.

Category: Break Up Poems
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