A child’s sorrow

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Mothers are a magnificent thing.
So close to perfect,
they seem more than human beings.
No wonder it hurts so much when we lose them,
Its like loosing a part of self.
You start to feel like you’re the only book on the shelf with a chapter of grief.

You feel all alone,
So empty inside
You start to loose her more and more
Now no one blames you when you cry at night.

You want her back,
So she can wipe the tears,
That’s going to come for many years.

But it’s okay.
Everything will be fine.
Your mom is still looking down on you
Praying for you all the time.
No harm will come to her.
She’s in a peaceful place.
Live and Love life.
It’s too short not to enjoy it.

-Darlene L. Sanfor

This post was submitted by Darlene Sanford.

Category: Child Poems
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