A Cycle To Car

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Said the cycle to the car,
“Though you travel distance far,
You need fuel to run on,
Without fuel or expense I am borne.”

“You are expensive and I am cheap,
People spend on your upkeep,
Therefore in the long run I am better
For health freaks I am a trend- setter.”

“In all respects I am the best,
Use me, keep fit and pass the test
No fat, no cholesterol, no body pain
No doctor’s visit, I’m sure you’ll stand to gain”

I’m the one, who’ll keep pollution in check,
Help all humans and save the earth from wreck,
All you humans hear my message and heed
It’s high time; you put an end to your greed.

“Switch over to this humble two wheeler,
Try me out once; I’m sure you’ll be a winner”

This post was submitted by Julie Das.

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