A Good goodbye

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When you begin life
you have nothing to succeed,
no goals or expectations,
you don’t need any of those.

It’s like saying you start out like a tree seed,
you know just when it’s your time to go shine,
to feel the power you did not have when you were alive.

You listen carefully to the spirit who is talking
to you from above,
he says it’s your time to shine.

Your time to begin your new life,
not being in pain,
to succeed everything
you did not succeed a second ago.

When you enter the light,
you know that you have to
leave your loved ones
with hope in their eyes.

That you soon will be free of your pain.

All you can do now is remember the life
you had in you,
and realize it was all worth while.

Don’t worry about your family,
they know you did not want to leave them,
but they also know you had to.

And to say a good goodbye….

This post was submitted by Sarah.

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