A Morning with Nature…By Chance…

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The dawn has just broken in,
the grass is wet…
And the leaves, the flowers
are coming to life
There are no sounds of vehicles,
but the chirping of birds,
and the pleasant sound of waterfall nearby
The air is as fresh as never before…
There is no crowd,
But the giant trees, calm and steady,
The wind is blowing,
making the trees and the grass
dance with happiness and joy,
and the burning red sun
is smiling it’s way up the mountains…
The scene is as clear as a crystal,
and everything has a beautiful yellow tinge to it,
It’s the magic of the sun rays
which makes your heart skip a beat
and makes you fall in love…
Never saw anything like this in city life,
Everything is so beautiful, silent and peaceful
Stuck in this forest since last night,
I was cursing my fate till now
But now I thank the creator of this world…
For making me spend a morning with nature
By chance…

This post was submitted by Nabil Bhatiya.

Category: Nature Poems
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