A mother

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Where are you when I need you?
when I reach for your hand
the times when i need you
when I need a friend
I still want your arms around me
when I walk into your room
… and you’re not there

Why does it have to be this way
why couldn’t you stay
why does he need you now
why’d he have to take you away

So many people dying
little children crying
why couldn’t I go too
was it too good to be true
No-one needs me like I need you

I lie awake praying for hours
why can’t you take me too
It’s hard to stand in your shoes
How can I be her guide
her wind
her light ahead
when I still need mine

Every day your memory fades
but the pain will never change
the pain.. will never change
I cry at your tomb, begging
please mama please
come back to me
please be the hand that lifts me
be the one that helps me stand

This post was submitted by Debi Lombardi.

Category: Mother poems
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5 Responses

  • Anabela says:

    I love you mom…you mean the world to me.

  • Stacy says:

    this made me cry.
    i love the words….it really meant a lot reading this.

  • Rumaysah says:

    This poem is really nice for someone whose mother died:-(
    But i like this poem and it so sad it almost made me cry:-(

  • annoy says:

    This is such a moving poem.
    I’m only a young teenager and I have lost my mother, she past away on my 14 birthday.
    I cried all through this poem and I would just like to say that to all the young teenagers & adults who have lost there mothers, I feel your pain & even though you never forget there the pain does get easier.

    I love and miss you mummy, 29.1.2010 <3

  • wania khan says:

    These poems are very good for childrens .I apreciate the writer to write more poems like these.The students are searching these types of poems for mothes day or there mothers brithday to write on birthday card ,to give presentation.



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