A sad poem

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All the hours are moving
My tear ready to drop
And it wont seem to stop
My mind is going crazy
I cant seem to find my place, in such a confined space
Im tired of trying my hardest
Of living through the same day
I wish i could view it things differently
Because nothing is getting better
I dont want to go
But i dont want to cry
Im really really confused
Always wondering why im here
I wish i wan invisible, that i could somehow disappear
Im lonely, oh so lonely
Need someone to hold me
So insecure and un-free
And i can barely breath
I cant get enough air
I long for someone to love me
For someone to care
Because im slipping away slowly
Its harder to hold on
Oh, im getting weeker
And im almost gone…

This post was submitted by donna.

Category: Sad Poems
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