A Soldier am I

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I wonder as I set here today
Will it rain or will it shine.
I wonder will things be alright
And will I survive, in this mess
That some call war…the noise
Around me that I tune out, the
Screams and the pains
That call out my name.
The sun can cook me, or the rain
Can melt me…but my place is
By your side as long as a breath is in me.
I fear nothing for I am strong…if something happens
And I can’t go on. Find a place
Where the shade is wide and bury me deep
And do not cry. My duty has been won,
Honor is taken…but for my love, my country,
And my home that cannot be forsaken. I am a
Soldier…and a soldier am I.

This post was submitted by Wendy Bumpas.

Category: Soldier Poems
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