A Three-Minute Love Affair

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Your smile doesn’t take my breath away
But it melts my heart
Literally and with precise smoothness.

The way your eyes twinkle
After you flash your sparkling smile
Doesn’t make butterflies flutter in my stomach
But sends lovebirds
Crashing down upon me, flushing me into oblivion.

You made me wanna stay there
And sit in front of you ‘til time allows us to
But no, I must go
I don’t like the idea of you leaving me,
So I’ll leave you instead.

Walking out doesn’t and won’t cause pain
The thought of you turning your back on me will
So I took my cue, and then flew.

No, you don’t know me
And I know nothing of you too
But you’re someone I wish I could spend time with
And I realized that just by seeing,
And by stealing pretty glances at you.

I pray we meet again
And exchange our seemingly extraordinary smiles
Let’s make our eyes twinkle until it get tired
And then move into another level of closeness
That knows nothing of you and I
But us.

This post was submitted by Lea Andrea.

Category: Love Poems
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