A Walk In The Park

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It’s been a long hard year going through everything.
The emotions, the classes, and the stress…
Disregarding everything I learned,
When finally I get possessed.

I get that feeling that I need to fit in,
And I don’t care who I push down to get there…
Just to seem cool is ‘A Walk In The Park’,
But no one ever looks aware.

The smoking, the drinking, lying and more,
Just hiding it from the world…
Then the word gets out that I’m doing these things,
And suddenly everything is uncurled.

“Why’d you do, when did you start?!”
So many questions I cant reply…
“We don’t know what to do anymore!”
And just with that I want to die.

I never meant to hurt anyone,
I just wanted to fit in…
But what “A Walk In The Park”
Yeah, that’s what I could have been.

This post was submitted by Jenna.

Category: Life Poems
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