Allow Me

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Allow me to love you..
let me show you how its done..
allow me to spoil you..
do things to you that have never been done..
allow our souls to intertwine as two vines..
expanding this massive earth till the end of all time…
allow me to chip away at that wall and begin the maze to your heart…
allow me to learn the song that it beats..
memorize it just to start..
allow me to trace your features from head to toe..
that way if i go blind in my mind you’ll still show…
allow me to sit back and listen yet hear you speak…
that way if i go deaf in my mind your voice will still be…
allow me to take your hand and guide it all over me..
that way if i go numb in my mind i can still feel you hold me…
allow me to learn you through and through…
my dear just allow me to learn all of you.

This post was submitted by T'Annette.

Category: Love Poems
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