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This time your walking to the room with daddies 9 mil.
Determined this time your life you will kill.
saying your goodbyes with cursing and regrets,
Tears running down your face your willing to bet,
Bet that we will be sorry for not caring today,
And in the end we will be the ones to pay.
You slam the door with the smell of liquor on your breath,
With a screechy voice you wish upon us death.
Standing in silence, shocked of what we heard,
With all the medication, we thought mommy was cured.
Another moment goes by, and we step closer to the room.
Than all of a sudden we hear a big BOOM!
We scream in fright and call 9-1-1.
The door is locked, what has she done?!
The ambulance came and put her on a rolling bed,
As she left the house a white sheet covered her head.
What will we do when daddy gets home?
He too will be mad and leave us alone….

This post was submitted by Chelsea Ann Cruz.

Category: Sad Poems
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