An Immortal Love

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Have you ever witnessed the apple fall.
Have you experienced love beyond a mortals dream?
Or a look that commands the Stars to shine.
Can you imagine a smile that humbles all that paradise has to offer.
Such a love chose my heart, my dreams,
And turned my darkness, into a new sunrise
Where love opened my eyes to a beautiful new world

That day the heavens witnessed me falling from the tree of love
To be consumed by this girl, with a voice to grace
The silence of any virgin valley.
A kiss soft, moist, like the birth of a rainbow
With An embrace to make the bluebells of spring bow their heads
Leaving me with a desire, to stop time,
A moment of love, to last forever

But lovers fears, led to lovers tears
And the west wind took her away
To a place where another happiness bloomed
And my dreams followed in dusts embrace.

This lost love I keep locked away
Deep within my soul
Now and then it escapes
Consuming me in hopeless longing

A trigger for Suicidal thoughts,
In the darkness, Just before Dawn.
A burden to my being, never to be lifted.
This love is my only Companion
For when my time comes

I will take this burden with me
A comfort through The Valley of death
A thing of beauty to show God
A love to keep for 1 day more than Eternity
My long lost Love, My moment in this life.
So remember my tale, and cherish what you have,
Do not pick up this pen, go kiss your love
And forget me.
Perhaps I will find my kiss in eternity.

This post was submitted by steven Cooke.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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