An Iron

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A piece of rock, with me I hold
Burn it on flame, when melts, I will mold
To see what it looks like when the melted rock becomes cold
Could it be a bronze, silver, or gold?

With my empty stomach, I feel no hunger
Heart, sweat, a life to offer
Time, effort, all my best I will give
So at the end I may have a good life to live.

This final step of roasting, an iron is reveal
In my eyes you can see what my heart can’t conceal
I can’t help but cry, nothing I can do but sigh
I shouldn’t built expectations as high as the sky.

To be a poor, maybe that is what life want me to be
Or just destined for life to be an ordinary
Yes, in my pocket i have no any
But to tell you honestly…
…I am blessed by the Holy
…because Jesus is with me!!

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

Category: Christian Poems
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