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I swear I saw wings flapping
Beautiful, feathery, white
I swear I saw him fly away
Surrounded by a golden light

I swear somebody saved my life
But no one was around
I swear the person who saved me
Didn’t travel by ground

I swear it’s a Guardian Angel
I swear he saved my life
And I’ll believe in Angels
Until the end of time.

This post was submitted by Megan.

Category: Angel Poems
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One Response

  • william says:

    Hi,i like your poem,i am having trouble submitting one of my own,hope you don’t mind if i share it with you.”A angels kiss”;Angels dancing across the stars,through rings of fire leaving sparks,…across the universe,streaks of light,trails of feathers burning bright,…angels dancing through a waterfalls mist,trails of rainbows to a kiss.The end.



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