Another Heart Break

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I am a whisper in the wind,
A breath of sorrow,
Always having to remind,
My heart is hollow.
I still feel for you,
Deep inside,
But you were the one to rip my heart in two,
Our binding love is now untied.
I still remember holding your hand,
Looking into your shimmering eyes,
By my side you said you would always stand.
As we walked down the street,
Our hearts filled with love,
Our gaze would meet.
With hearts in our eyes,
And smiles on our faces,
Our love began to rise and rise.
But after time flew by,
We started to realize,
our love evaporated into the sky.
That day we said our final goodbyes,
Is the reason why,
I am just another girl with a broken heart with deep sadness in her eyes.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

Category: Break Up Poems
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