April First

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I wondered happy as a clown.
Walking with a smile not a frown.
I passed a man he was on the street.
He asked for something good to eat.
I had food so I couldn’t tell him no.
I just didn’t mention it was from a week ago.

In the park where children play.
I thought I might head that way.
Found a tree with just my luck.
Went behind it and peed in a cup.
Saw a kid looking hot in the shade.
Said here kid try some lemonade.

It was hot so something to drink would be nice.
So I headed out to get a water ice.
The line was huge from China you could see.
So I said step aside everything is on me.
I got rainbow flavor and said by to Will.
And on the counter I left monopoly bills.

I went back home and kicked off my shoes.
I turned on the TV and I was on the news.
The man on the street said I was totally out of order.
The kid from the park said I need to drink water.
The man who sold water ice said I was the worst.
I just said don’t these guys know it’s April First.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

Category: Funny Poems
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