As I go to school today

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As I go to school today,
I will lift up my voice and say,
God’s my leader, Gods’ my light,
with His love I’m gonna shine bright.
With compassion and kindness and a sweet gentle voice,
words that are gracious & uplifting my choice.
With your help i’ll help others and through this they’ll see,
the greatness of Jesus and through him all that we can be.
No matter what happens, or what people say,
With tender love i’ll quietly pray,
for their heart to soften, for the troubles they may face
and for them to find God’s amazing grace.
Now in Gods hands, i’ll continue to be,
a vessel of honour in which He can use me.

Gods shield will protect me, His Sword I hold,
At this with my faith I can be bold.
I know through Jesus i’m the head not the tail,
& No matter the battle, through Him I will prevail!

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Category: God Poems
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