Back into your arms

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I submerge myself
Under the warm water
I lay motion less for seconds
Staring blankly at the droplet
Falling from the tired faucet
I hear my breaths getting slower
My mind starts to drift
I have time; time to ponder my thoughts
From minutes past
I turn on my side, so half
Of my body is warm
And the other cold, from the air above
I allow one tear to fall
Over the bridge of my nose
It drips on top of the water
I’m not clear on, why,
But my heart and stomach
Ache with pain
I have an inkling it has,
Something to do with you
I have not talked to you
Or seen your face
I have not heard your voice
Or felt your breath
On the back of my neck
I have only dreamt of our bodies,
Touching so lightly
Enough for our hearts to stop beating
I imagine looking up into your eyes
As you lean in to kiss me
As your lips touch mine
I giggle at the moment
I feel so happy and safe when you do that
I hate when it has to end…

…I switch over, allowing my cold half to warm
Under the water
I shake the thought of you,
Closing my eyes tight,
I tell myself it’s in the past now
And only these brief moments of
Silence and warmth can take me
Back into your arms

This post was submitted by Jamie Phyllis.

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