Be Mine

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My love, I know that there is nothing I would want to have right now..
Just you and none else.. It is enough.

If I would choose what is greatest gift,
and that is you.
No gold, no house, no car can ever replace the joy you give me now.

I would rather have a hay stock for my house,
than to sleep alone.. waking up and you’re not there.

My love, my life…
I could never ask for more than this.
You gave me something none else can give.

I need you now, tomorrow and for always.
I will never let you go.

We will grow old together,
have our racking chairs beside each other…
my hand holding yours and only death can tear us apart.

So while we’re still young, let me give you this ring…
a sign of my promise of my undying love for you..

Be mine… be my wife…
Let us journey life together,..

With God as our witness, I will never break my vow…
I am yours forever.

This post was submitted by Kathrine Yee Baraquia.

Category: Love Poems
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