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Every morning that I wake,
alone in bed is hard to take.
For every morning with you there,
I enjoy the time I get to stare.
I love the way you make that face,
which tells me “hey, give me some space”.
I love the way in peace you smile,
I love to watch you for a while.
I love it when you hug me tight,
and you know that you’re always right!
I love you sweetheart, all day and night;
it feels so good I know its right.
I love you solid I love you hollow,
I love you so much, it’s hard to swallow.
You’re the one who keeps me warm,
when I’m down and feeling torn.
For all these points I’ve made above,
confirm for me, you are my true love.

This post was submitted by Theo Christo.

Category: Love Poems
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