Before I Cry…

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I’mma miss the way you used to mess with me,
but at the same time I won’t.
I think that this is for the better, because we are to opposites.
Oh, no…. that’s not a tear, just let me be.

I cry, because I’m happy that we were once something special to each other.
But, our science class flirt, is over.
I’m sorry you don’t understand, but, we will find someone special in our future.
We’ll be happy for each other,
not sad, nor jealous.

Now, will you leave before my tears turn into sad tears, of remembering you & your loving ways, & I love you’s.
Don’t forget me, love.
But, also, never want me. Please?

This post was submitted by Courtney Criswell.

Category: Break Up Poems
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