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Since the last time we saw one another,
Secretly wishing that you would never have to leave me
Every steps away from you hurts
Every beat of my heart counts for how much I deeply miss you
About seventy to ninety times my heart beat every minute for you
One look from you makes me smile
One kiss equal many more to come
One hug means forever
The best damn thing is being your best friend
I’m not just someone that you trust
I’m me that you can always depend on
Tell me to go away because I never leave by your side
Tell me that you will always love me more but I never believe it
Because I never get tired of hearing it.
I never will promise you anything
Because I don’t believe in promise
The only thing that I believe is our friendship
Life is crazy but you’re the most craziest person
For falling in love with my smiles
I’m with you and you’re with me
So don’t worry because when you look back
You know where to look for.
Even if this going to be crazy,
don’t forget what we had in the first place.

This post was submitted by DaJanica Resch.

Category: Love Poems
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