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I am here alone in my room

Thinking those times that we’d met before

It starts in the bleachers, that so memorable

And you are just a friend that I’d fall for

Every time I seat in the bleachers

I always remember our bonding together

I feel so happy when I am seating there

Wishing that someday we will be together

I know that you love someone

But my feelings for you will never gone

I still waiting that you love me too

Though it hurts for me to know that you won’t do

I’ve tried to overcome the pain

Wishing this pain will fade away soon

Control the tears from my eyes

Nothing to blame but this foolish heart of mine

You broke my heart and torn it apart

I’m tired of everything

Tired of hoping that you feel the same way

But sad to say it end hopelessly.

This post was submitted by cHeLLe08.

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