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Your eyes are lovely, dark, and deep
Like clouds before a rain
To know the secrets that they keep,
To ease your every pain…
To have those eyes look into mine,
Oh, you could never know
There’s not a way I could define,
And nothing that could show
Just how those eyes can burn away
My doubts, my pain, and fear
But clouds roll in, the skies turn gray
When you’re no longer near.
So nervous that you’ll disappear
It happens quite a lot
One minute you are standing here,
And then the next, you’re not.
The empty space where you once stood
Hangs heavy in the air
I close my eyes, perhaps I could
Still see your image there.
There’s so much more to you, I know
Than just what meets the eye
I hear it in your warm hello,
And ache with your goodbye.

This post was submitted by signalfire92.

Category: Love Poems
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