Break Up Splinter

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It was so cold,
colder than winter
let’s reveal the story untold,

” Once upon a time,
were two normal friends
something didn’t rhyme,
they started to cross hands

Day after day,
their hearts got bigger
then finally found a way,
to pull the emotions’ trigger

They were at the peak, but there was a missing link
their love started to leak, and the relationship started to sink

The two lost will,
the ship kept going down
his anger began to drill,
she lost her right in his crown

Everybody went asking,
the reason they fell apart
but none saw the lies masking,
the believed he broke her heart ”

Many still don’t know,
it was just a temporarily hook
please before you go,
pass this miserable book

Anyway the story didn’t end,
wait untill next winter
maybe another ship will be at hand,
and someone new…
will leave another break up splinter…

This post was submitted by Eli.

Category: Break Up Poems
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