Break Ups

DownUp +2

When I met you, I thought we’d last forever.
But who knew our love could be severed?
You said “I Love You” and I believed you.
When you left me I felt blue, I thought I’d never get over you.
As time went by, I felt better.
But then I remembered the smell of your sweater.
The way you used to look my in the eyes makes me want to break down and cry.
You see my face, and see a smile.
But sometimes it goes away for awhile.
Maybe an hour, maybe a day.
But only because you made me that way.
I used to laugh, I used to be so overjoyed.
But now all I feel is an empty void.
I used to feel like I could fly, touch the sky, now all I do is cry.
I hope you’re happy, because I feel crappy.

This post was submitted by Danielle Walker.

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