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I stood there, looking at you walking away.
My heart bleeding, weeping, crying out loud.
Why did you do so? Just tell me why?
I thought we had the love to follow our dreams together.
But why? Why did you do so? Why to me?
Was it that you loved watching me cry?
Or did you never love me at all?
You walked away taking my soul.
Out of my body, along with your heart.
You broke my heart into two.
It took you seconds to do so.
“I am over you so bye!”
These six words would never leave my mind.
That you screamed out loud in just a breathe.
And it won’t let me live in peace.
Just make it easy and tell me why?
Why did you have to be so hostile?
Your words have left me perplexed with life!
Wasn’t our love enough to keep us together forever?
Why is my heart bleeding? Someone tell me why?
Why did you leave me alone, standing there in the dark?
I thought you promised you’ll never leave let me cry!
Then why? Just tell me why?
Why did you do that to me? Just tell me why?

This post was submitted by Maryam Manzoor.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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