Broken Heart Feelings

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Standing alone on the world’s edge,
He prayed for hours and hours,
And there arrived a sage.

I’ll give you a boon, he said,
But, with it, a curse will be spread
You will have no enemies,
But neither will you have any love
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

Or, you can choose to have 1 love,
But, with it, come a thousand enemies.
The choice was not that tough.
He didn’t choose love.
‘Life is hard’, he said,
‘1 more enemy and I’d be dead’

He lived his life peacefully,
But, the devil had other plans for him, painfully.
Dante showed him a glimpse of love,
One, he couldn’t have enough.

He pleaded to the sage,
I made a choice, please let me change
The sage took pity….
‘Have some love, have an identity’

The man happy and satisfied,
Blindly walked past his demise.
He got love, a lot of love
But she soon left him
And he sat there in disgust.

The pain of a thousand enemies wasn’t even comparable
to the sting of love.
He was vulnerable,
Too afraid to love, too afraid to trust.

The devil laughed to his heart’s content
The girl he loved was never content
This is the reality of us humans,
There is no love, there is no hate,
Life is just an empty tunnel, leading to our empty fate.

You will have no love,
But neither will you have any enemies.
You will have no good memories,
Neither will you have any casualties.

This post was submitted by Rohan.

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