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Your life has come to a tragic end
Addictions and demons you no longer fend
Why you chose to leave at this time and place
Is something we will never know or have to face
Your battles are over they have come to rest
You were tempted once more but failed the test

You’re at peace now Shaun
With a brand new dawn
So no longer now shall I weep alone
We’re only separated by space, an unknown zone
I know that one day together we’ll be
Not just for a while, but all eternity

This post was submitted by Teresa.

Category: Funeral Poems
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One Response

  • Elizabeth says:

    I know how u feel i lost my brother in a car accident its hard to forget and everytime I hear his name or look at his picture i cry but we are only seperated for awhile some day i know im going to see him again just the waiting is what hurts the most!



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