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When you left me, butterfly,you took a part of me.
for now i feel so empty, just like a hollow tree.
when i met you, butterfly, you looked so sweet and kind.
we looked each other in the eyes, and i knew that you were mine.
why’d they take you butterfly, you didn’t want to die.
all you did was spread you’re wings, and up and up you’d fly.
it all happened in the springtime, it was either March or May.
every tree we would climb, every minute spent was play.
i had loved you butterfly, but thta you didn’t know.
We would always be together, through sun, or rain, or snow.
if i had told you of my love, you wouldn’t have to go.
i knew that something happened the day you didn’t show.
i tried to watch t.v but the only thing was news,
just a bad actor talking and an old man singing blues.
Unitll i got to twenty eight, it was there that my heart stopped.
what i saw almost made me faint, my heart shattered as it dropped.
for there i saw your picture, you looked so kind and sweet.
but what the camera showed, was you sprawled there on the street
they wanted me to go outside, to go run along and play
but i would rather stay inside, it was a sad and lonely day.
fly away butterfly, for you are in my heart.
and even though we’re not together, we’ll never be apart.

This post was submitted by Tears Of Blood.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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