Child Unknown

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My mystery person isn’t known to many
Yet I plan to tell ten, maybe twenty.
It is lost in form and maybe has no hair
But no one is to make fun, or shall they dare?
I can not judge whether tall or short
But the day it gets here, I will have support.
As of now, the movements vary all over
But in nine months, it will be on my shoulder.
It has caused so many aches and pains
But in the end, I cannot complain.
I hope it enjoys its time in the womb
But when it’s here, our love will bloom.
No one will ever question our love for each other
because you will only know me as a mother.
Receiving my diploma after all is done
Will be the day the light will shine from the sun.

This post was submitted by Raven Mendoza.

Category: Baby Poems
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