Citizens of the Storm

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When the rain comes down,
You won’t hear my tear drops hit the floor as
Water flows down the glass.
Won’t see me shatter into a million pieces.
You won’t hear the mirror smash.
You won’t see my heart die, beating slowly
I walk these halls desolate, pale and solemn
So I’ll lay here in the grass
Cold and Alone.
I’ll look up and watch the stars
Disappearing just like you.
My night will be forever.
The nectar of life fleeing my being
Mother Earth will take me back,
Leave my lovely bones
You’ll know that every rain drop is
A tear you never saw.
Every gust of wind is
A scream of desperation you never heard.
Every poke and prod from icy air is
A stab my heart received and you never felt.
You didn’t know the war you raged
through my sanity…
The cycle will start again
when the rain comes down again….

This post was submitted by Madelline J..

Category: Sad Poems
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