Come Home

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She stood there in the pouring rain
Until she thought she might go insane
Then she laid down to cry
A runaway *sigh*

Yet she wanted this needed this
But everything had gone amiss
She left without food
and money too

But how could she face her dad
When he made her so mad
She knew she would it
That girl wouldn’t sit

She got up confidence returned
The fear was adjourned
She ran like she never had before
Until she thought she might soar

She looked at HER lawn, It was already mowed
She went to the door remembering the code
Her mother was asleep on the couch
The girl went to her, quiet as a mouse

Her mom awoke seeing her own kin
The girl & mom saw each other once again
The very happy mom called to the girls dad
The young lass terrified and sad

Steps on the stairs coming down
Down until the feet hit the ground
He stopped his heart becoming whole
Then he said “no on knew where you were not even a soul”

The girl cried out “don’t be angry at me”
“I was only making a life on my own don’t you see”
“I only wanted you to be proud”
She said very, very loud

After a long while
the dad forgave the child
And lived the same life once more
The child walked in and out of that same old runaway door ?

This post was submitted by Auriel Long.

Category: Family Poems
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