Comfort is not found its given

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Each day that passes,
each day that is new,
a comfort i looked for,
it never came true.

I lived my life
for what i thought right
alone in the day time,
alone through the night.

Ignoring the happiness that others shared,
I wanted true comfort, with love and with care,
I wanted to find true love
but love was not found.

You came into my life,
no planning
not seen,
A warm sense of loving,
where had you now been.

I looked and searched but you was always there,
ignoring the truth it was so hard to bare,
time had taken over, and we became good friends.

Shared all our feelings,
a hug that felt right,
we became lovers
on that quite night.

A comfort i had looked for, was right by my side
my eyes now remain open, bright and alive,
Your love and your comfort make me survive.

This post was submitted by john.

Category: Love Poems
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