Confession of love

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Beneath this simple but logical phrases
Reveals the truth for this love i confess
for the reason i live because of you
that i will remain and always be true

You gave me the strength to full fill my dreams
to face any challenges how hard it may seem
you gave me the will to for give and forget
the wrong that was done the mistakes i have kept…

you gave me the sight to see through the light
and that I’m sure you have changed my life
hearing you seeing you is all that i want how much more if you hold my hand?..

from the time i wake up until the end of the day
i think of you every night i pray
for the safety of the one i truly cared for..
the one i love and want to be with someday

Love and loyalty to you i bestow even this life of mine i owe
why can’t you believe the truth of this affection
why? can;t you stay why? do you need to go

You might say I’m so naive
but deep in my heart in this words i believe
I swear to the truthfulness of heaven above this poem I dedicated to the one i truly love..

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Category: Love Poems
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