Crossroad of Destiny

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“Truth and Love” Is forever,
Feel my soul and Love.

From the first day I laid eyes on you,
I fell in Love but you haven’t noticed,
My trembling hands hold your heart,
In the blooming fields I wait for you.

Beneath the blossoming Magnolias,
I shine a smile, as you smile back,
Watching you walk past me,
I Cherish the moment of our crossroads.

I like you, Are your eyes set on someone else?
Tears trickle down my cheeks,
“I will love you” is a lifetime,
“I love you” is an eternity

Writing you a message of my deepest feelings,
Titled “Truth and Love” I want to look you in the eye,
A star written message I send out to you,
In my palm, a “Love Note” From me to You.

I want to see you, Look in your eyes,
I know we will meet in our Cross road of Destiny.

This post was submitted by Sunni Lynch.

Category: Love Poems
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