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Daddy whys it my fault
Daddy please don’t hit me
Daddy I know you didn’t mean it
Daddy it just wasn’t meant to be
Daddy mum told me you wanted a boy
And she blames me for your mistakes
Daddy if I weren’t a girl would I
Bring you more joy and grace

Daddy you don’t drink, you don’t
Smoke you don’t do anything bad
But why does looking at me
Make you go very mad
Daddy I don’t get it
I don’t know how to be good
If I were more of a boy would you
Treat me more like you should

Daddy I think you should know
I don’t blame you I don’t
Daddy I just wanted you to be there
When they put me down here
Daddy I know in my heart
Even though it is small
That I would be there for
You and I will stand tall

I’m in a better place now Daddy
With bronze, silver and gold
I can smile bright and high
And it never gets cold
Daddy I know you’ve done wrong
But I forgive you for that
Daddy never let me go and just hold on
And I’m certain you’ll come back

And now Daddy I have to go
I have somewhere to be
But I will leave this poem
On my head stone for you to see
Come back and read it one day in time
For my head stone says
I Love You and Goodbye.

This post was submitted by Pania Ferrall.

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One Response

  • Astin Kanade says:

    So heart touching.. Fact…you made ne cry..
    But I can understand how it feels like…. Yes i can



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