Daddy’s Not Here

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Daddy’s not here and baby’s all grown
She has her a path to take
that she has to choose on her own.
Daddy’s absent except for a visit or a once in a while call.
Baby sometimes wishes he would just end it
once and for all.
Daddy got married and baby doesn’t like it,
She sometimes thinks it’s unfair
that she’s been in his life longer than her and their candle is no longer lit.
Daddy’s mad and baby’s sad
She doesn’t know what to do.
He always talks and she always listens. Her side of life is bad.
Daddy’s far away and baby doesn’t care.
Sometimes distance is best.
But sometimes she wishes daddy were there to scare away her nightmares.
Daddy’s tired and baby’s fed up.
He doesn’t know what she goes through.
The last time he was really there was when she drank from a sippy-cup.
Daddy’s sick and so is baby
but both for different reasons.
He’s blue and she wants out, maybe,
But Daddy’s not here and baby is grown.
She has to control her emotions.
So if all he can offer is a call from his phone
and manage a visit or two
She has to accept that he’s not there
and move on…
it’s only fair.

This post was submitted by Hannah Morris.

Category: Daughter Poems
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