Dear boy <3

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I write you this last love letter,
to remind you i still care,
Even though your feelings,
have disappeared into thin air,
I always have loved you,
From the very start,
I fell for you,
and oh boy i fell hard,
You were only in sixth grade,
and love was never there,
But for some reason i had this feeling,
and i couldn’t help but stare.
I never thought you would actually realize i was even there,
You walked up to me and said hello,
The feeling those words gave me,
had a power deep below,
we kept on talking,
and soon became friends,
I liked you more then you would ever know,
I fancied you more then a friend.
Day after day,
I waited for you to show,
but everyday was a dead beat,
a day full of sorrow,
no one ever told me that you moved,
How this feeling left me,
Not a single tear could soothe,
the constant aching in my heart,
The way i loved you from the start.
So you see.
This love didn’t only just begin,
You only just decided to realize it was there,
But you ripped my heart apart,
You have lost me now,
and you will never find another girl,
who will love you as much as i do,
so have fun picking up the pieces of my heart,
They can’t just be super glued .

This post was submitted by Krystal Farrell.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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