Dear friend

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Looking up under the night sky
The cold breeze simply chills my skin
It makes me sad and lost my self
Like an injured pain that can’t be healed

Time envelops both love and pain
Even if they erased I still remember them
Because while I bluffed, while I failed
It buries me alive
Like a piece of a rusted metal

I am lost in the waves of people
Also lose my way and even completely lose my words
But just one thing that still remains
Which is the most important thing called “friends”

For you whose reading this right now
I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart
Within my happiness and smiles you see to me
Deep inside is a sadness and pain that I feel

I hope you don’t forget me when im gone
And remembered me in the way I smile
Because to me you will be a dear friend of mine
And a friend I will never ever forget.

This post was submitted by Jeffrey Santos.

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