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You want me near,
Don’t you dear?
Stop resisting me…

One touch of my fingers
One smile
And your body lingers…

What’s on your mind
Not hard to see
You know I’m not blind…

Something no one else can see
Moves you make
Are they fake?

The words you find
To upset my mind
Breathing from behind…

Messing me up
Over and over again
No, I don’t want you to stop…

Why is it so,
Not interested
But still won’t let go…

Finding hard to believe
Don’t attrack me
Rolling up your sleeve…

Attention given
You know that
Insanely driven

Makes no sense
We won’t do anything
Still there is suspense…

When you come to me
Don’t stop
Keep standing and breathe…

This post was submitted by yvonne.

Category: Love Poems
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