Different Girl

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The girl you knew
She is not me
She was afraid
She was shy

I am different
I am less confused
I am unafraid
But, still shy

The girl I was
she was unsure of herself
She was dependent on her friends
She didn’t know how she felt

She now knows
She loves you
But you don’t love her
my friends… well

My friends are supports
They catch me if I fall
But they are not needed to stand
not anymore

The girl I was
she is gone
I am me now
Please, don’t change me.

This post was submitted by Rebecca.

Category: Attitude Poems
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One Response

  • Viktor says:

    Very nicely done!
    The beats are there, but I feel if you incorporated a rhyme scheme, it would be that much better!

    I really like how you describe being shy in the past,band still are, but also that you have changed.
    And that your friends are there for support, but you don’t need to stand on them anymore.

    The character really matures and grows in a few short phrases. Very powerful!

    Good work Rebecca!



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